Baba Balak Nath & Guru Gorakh Nath (Legend)

Legend of Baba Balak Nath Ji  & Guru Gorakh Nath who forcefully wanted to make
    baba ji his discipline.

Guru Gorakh Nath wanted Baba Ji to join His sect and tried for that. Baba Ji was not willing for that. One day Guru Gorakh Nath along with his 300 disciples and asked Baba Ji for providing them seating. Baba Ji spread His towel and surprisingly a portion of that remained unoccupied even after accommodating Guru Gorakh Nath alongwith his all disciples. Then Gorakh Nath asked Baba Ji to bring some water in a bowl from a nearby hill-bauli. Baba Ji found some magic in the bowl when He filled it with water. Thus He understood the intention of Guru Gorakh Nath. Baba Ji made that bauli disappear by His Sidhi and told Gorakh Nath about the non-existence of the bauli.

Gorakh Nath asked his disciple Bhartrihari to accompany Baba Ji to verify the fact. Bhartrihari was taken aback by the non-existence of the bauli. Baba Ji told Bhartrihari the factual position and further emphasized the imprudence of Gorakh Nath for shunning the worship of ‘Lord Shiva’ and in its place recommending his own adoration.

Bhartrihari understood the whole game and got lost in devotion to Lord Shiva. This time also, Baba Ji returned without water. Then Gorakh Nath sent Bhairon Nath to bring Bhartrihari back along with water. Bhairon Nath couldn’t spot the water and came empty handed without water and Bhartrihari. Thereafter Gorakh Nath asked Baba Ji to serve them milk. Baba Ji called a non-milking barren cow and patted her. The cow started milking and everybody took milk. Amazingly there was still lot of milk in the bowl.

Gorakh Nath threw his worshipping skin to sky and asked Baba Ji to bring back to the earth. Baba Ji aimed the skin with His ‘Chimata’ and pieces of skin fell on earth. At this, Baba Ji tempted Gorakh Nath to bring Baba Ji’s ‘Chimata’ back to the earth. Gorakh Nath asked Bhairon to do the same, which Bhairon couldn’t.

Reaching to Deoth Sidh and Cave Dwelling: After getting defeat in every feat, Gorakh Nath directed his disciples to forcibly put rings in the ears of Baba Ji. Every disciple became faint before doing so. During that struggle Baba Ji made a loud cry and reached a place where ‘Charan Paduka’ temple is situated. From ‘Charan Paduka’, Baba ji went to a Cave on the Hill. A demon came out of the Cave and warned Baba Ji to go away. Baba Ji, by His ‘sidh-shakti’ forced the demon to vacate the Cave for Baba Ji’s meditation.

The demon understood the state of affairs and went away. Then Baba Ji settled there for meditation. Bhartrihari also settled for meditation near that Cave. One day, a Brahamin named as ‘Banarasi’ from the nearby village Chakmoh came to that area for grazing his cows. Baba Ji appeared before him and interacted. Brahamin told Baba Ji about his barren cows. Baba Ji asked where his cows were. Brahamin took Baba Ji to the place where his cows were grazing. Surprisingly only loins and tigers were there.

After seeing the stunning posture of Brahamin, Baba Ji asked him to call his cows. Astonishingly, as the Brahamin called, his cows reached him. Seeing the miracle, Brahamin became the devotee of Baba Ji. Brahamin continued to see Baba Ji. One day Baba Ji told him that He would disappear one day and asked the Brahamin to continue the tradition of ‘Dhuna’ and worshipping. Brahamin followed the point and maintained the tradition.

A lamp remained lighted near Baba Ji whose light spread far away in the nearby villages. Thus people had started calling Baba Ji as ‘Baba Deoth Sidh’ and later on the place became famous as ‘Baba Deoth Sidh’.


legend of Baba Balak Nath Ji  Dvapara Yuga

Did You Know ::
Baba  Balak Nath Ji is Avtar of shiv putra Kartikaya.



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