Plant a Song - Information

"Plant a Song "is a unique initiative to enable every one - rich or poor to come forward and seek baba balak nath ji's blessings with his small contributions to the cause. We do not seek donations for our website running or to make money thru them . Our Main objective is to spread and build a World best Internet Platform for Baba Balak Nath followers.
In the virtual world today "Plant a Song " is a way for baba ji followers to come forward and express there feeling , thoughts, towards Baba Balak Nath.

As a Sponsor you will be able to :

Anyone who wants to contribute to mission can start from Rs 101/- for one video Sponsorship for 1 month............. come forward this is the moment .

As we today adopt a tree, a child ... "Plant a Song" is a unique approach to adopt a bhajan of your choice plus also contribute in the noble cause of Baba Balak Nath Mandir betterment. Like we say "Sathi Hath Badana" .. bond bond makes a ocean.

I am confident to the success as we are guided by baba ji as we launch "Plant a Song " programme on world's first Baba Balak Nath virtual  platform.... this is the moment come forward.

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